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Here’s an animated gif to promote my zine, TABE


To promote my zine, TABE.

To promote my zine, TABE.

Introducing my new magazine: JETTY!

Hi everybody! Today is a very special day, in that it marks the one year anniversary of this very sketch-blog! Yes, exactly one year ago I went public with this website and began posting my art every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I really hope you’ve been enjoying my humble sketches and I hope to bring you many more art projects for many years to come :)

Okay! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion (and also because it’s my birthday), I’m introducing the first issue of my brand new magazine: JETTY!

I know I gave a sneak-peek at this a couple months ago, but now it’s all ready to be released and I’m very excited!

About the project: I’m intending JETTY to be somewhat of an arts and literary magazine with a major focus on sequential art and abstract comics. Right now it’s just me, but I hope to include other contributers for art, articles, interviews, and much more!

JETTY #1 contains five sequential art (comics) pieces done in much the same style as the art you’ve come to know here, only AMPED UP (I am very excited about this)! Here’s some preview shots: 














































Right now JETTY is only available here at LIGHTRIOT.COM, but I hope to have a digital version up and running soon so you can check it out on your iPad, Kindle, etc. You can click below to order a copy, or check out the store!


7 1/2″ x 10″ color covers, b/w interior

$5.00 shipping included



Muerte & Moon Plant

Dig on Plant, dig on Love. Life is the preparation for the transition to the other realm.

Feel Me:


















































Birth of Skyer.


  My pretties…

Happy Festivus.

  I come in Peace.

Can You Dig the Strange Times?



Special Winter Update!

Yo! Just want to show everyone some projects I’ve been getting into!  As some of you may know, I’m currently an MFA candidate at the Center for Cartoon Studies, frenziedly working on my thesis! What I’ve been posting on this site has been mostly sketches/single images of art, but what I’ve been working on for the past five months has been a brand new one-man-anthology called JETTY!

Yes, I am starting a new comic series and the first issue will be released in February! I’m not doing any pre-orders for this one, but I figure I’d give everyone a sneak-peek just the same.

I’m showing here the cover, plus a few promotional patches (featuring two of my favorite writers, Virginia Woolf and Lynd Ward, in case you’re wondering). Included also is the cover to a super-secret side project I’m working on called TABE (expected to be released way later in the year)!

As for me, I’m heading to Florida and Tennessee to see some family and friends during my winter break. But don’t worry, I’ll continue to update new art to LIGHTRIOT.COM every Mon, Wed, and Fri as usual! Please enjoy the previews and be on the lookout for JETTY #1 in February 2012!

Can You Feel the Special Season?


Snakey Time

Can you feel it?

Don’t Tell Me How to Explore the Vast Reaches of Consciousness


Does? Time?

Time Stretch Change???

Another Update: Thanks Everyone!

Hi everybody! As some of you may know, the pre-order special for my comic, LIGHT RIOT: DEPARTURE, is now over. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, and expect to receive your copy (plus thumbnail art!) in the mail shortly! This means that LIGHT RIOT: DEPARTURE, is now officially on sale! Yes!

If you’re interested in sampling the first three pages and/or purchasing it, please go here.  Remember, you can buy this comic any time by clicking on the “store” tab at the top of this page :)

In, other news, MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) was last week, and it went great! Special shout-outs to my table mates Adrienne Nunez, Donna Almendrala, and Melanie Gilman! Thanks to everyone who showed up to the table!

This weekend, beginning tomorrow, I’ll be tabling at ICAF (The international Comic Arts Forum), which is being hosted right here in White River Junction, VT! What an honor! As you can see from the schedule, the panels begin today, but the market place opens up tomorrow. I’ll be selling my wares with the talented Jesse Durona, so be sure to stop by if you’re at the conference!

Thanks again to everyone who pre-ordered my comic and for everyone in my life who has been supportive in my artistic efforts! The amount of support and appreciation I’ve been receiving has been truly astonishing!


Can you feel the love for this ancient city?

This ancient city, Earth?


Everything is RioT.

Future Lion Share















A Character I created named Sammy the Reptoid!