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My Comics Will Be At San Diego Comic-Con!

Hello gentle reader! I’m just making this quick post to announce that my collection of abstract comics/zines, TABE Collection vol. 1 will be available for sale at the Sand Diego Comic-Con, July 12-15! You can buy them at the totally awesome SAWDUST PRESS booth located at table P-06 in Small Press. In case you didn’t know, Sawdust Press is the publisher responsible for releasing a rad anthology I was a part of called “I Was a Teenage Gargoyle.”┬áIf you haven’t already, you should pick up a copy of that too, as well as all the other fine goods available at the booth. I’ll post more information as I get it, but make sure to follow my Twitter account (located to the right of this post) in order to get the most up to date information on my art and workings. Thanks for reading!