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Feel Me:
























Don’t Tell Me How to Explore the Vast Reaches of Consciousness


yo Yo YO!

How Dare You  ???

New Alienz .. ?

New Aliens  !!!


Love Luv

Happy Thanks Giving :)

Happy Thanksgiving  :)

Can’t Kill Me.

Can't Kill Me




Yes, Yes, Blessings.

Rio Aubry Taylor

Rio Aubry Taylor

Riot Bird!

Riot Bird  !!!



New Alien: I am.

  Be Not Cry.

Cartoonz What?!
















Behold: The New Aliens

Does? Time?

Time Stretch Change???


Here I am Lord













Dia de los Muertos

It takes Dedication






It’s Love.

Q: Who rocks this world, and the next?


A: Something truly greater than can be described.













Can you feel the love for this ancient city?

This ancient city, Earth?

Summer Fun and All That Jazz

Hey all!  Hope your summer’s been going great, just like mine has!  What have I been doing?  Well, I’ve been working on my skills: drawing, drawing, drawing! When I created this site last February, it was with the intention of showcasing my art and (hopefully) putting the pressure on myself to get better and better. With that in mind, I’ve been struggling to improve so that I can show you all the best!  Thanks to everyone who’s been checking it out, I hope you’ve been enjoying (and continue to enjoy) my artful striving.  :)

In other news, expect this blog to get a nice make-over in the upcoming months.  I’ve been reading up on all sorts of ways to improve it and I can’t wait to get into the nitty-gritty of it all.  I’d really like to turn this space into an interactive and artful experience.  Keep your eye out and add my feed to your RSS if you haven’t already done so.  As always, I’ll continue to update with new art every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I’ll keep you all posted on improvements to the site as I make them!  I truly love what I do.  Thanks again!



Lil’ Red Hood, Scary Version…

Just a thought.

In a World of Cartoons, Who Can We Trust?


Smiles Up Everyone!

We’re all just looking for that little piece of happiness, aren’t we?

Presenting: Kid Galaxy!