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Educational Work

New Meditation and Narrative Art Workshop

Hi all, I’ll be leading a workshop called Meditation and Narrative art on Friday, March 21st at 4pm. The workshop will be held at the University of North Carolina Student Union, room 2420. As you can see, I’ve posted a flier for the event below. Below that is the original painting I used to make the flier, along with an alternate digital version (enjoy). Hope to see those from the Triangle area in the workshop.  Have a great week!


"Megs" 5" x 6", Acrylic and ink on canvas Copyright Rio Aubry Taylor

“Megs” 5″ x 6″, Acrylic and ink on canvas Copyright Rio Aubry Taylor

"Megs" 5" x 6", Acrylic and ink on canvas, digitally manipulated. Copyright Rio Aubry Taylor

“Megs” 5″ x 6″, Acrylic and ink on canvas, digitally manipulated. Copyright Rio Aubry Taylor


Some Drawings, some Links :)

Hi All! Just wanted to post some cool things that have been going on lately!

Copyright 2014 Rio Aubry Taylor

Copyright 2014 Rio Aubry Taylor

As you can see, I’ve been working on some new drawings. Above is a digital piece, as yet unnamed. Please let me know what you think of it :)

ALSO I want to let everyone know (especially those living in the Triangle area of North Carolina) that I will be participating in a silent auction for charity on Sunday February 9th (4pm) at the Fullsteam Brewery in lovely Durham! The charity will benefit the Art Therapy Institute and is sure to be a blast. Find out more info HERE!

ADDITIONALLY you should definitely check out the new article posted on The Comics Journal website written by Rob Clough about the Durham Independent Comics Expo which took place late last year. I was lucky enough to have been invited to exhibit there as well as teach a workshop, which I enjoyed very much! The expo was a great success! Check out the link above to find out more!

OK Here’s another digital drawing and some other pictures and then I’ll let you all get back to your busy day :)  Thanks for reading!


Copyright 2014 Rio Aubry Taylor




The Classes I Teach and MORE!

HI ALL!! I trust your week has been treating you kindly! DID YOU KNOW: That I currently teach a variety of classes in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area of North Carolina? Well it just so happens that I do, and today I would like to showcase a couple of those classes coming up (as well as show off some of my new art, as featured below :)


A mixed-media piece featuring the many various dimensions of existence and how to transverse them :)

First class up! Starting TOMORROW (Jan. 28th) I will be teaching a brand new (and very special) session of Pen & Ink Instruction for adults at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC. We’ll be learning about a variety of techniques involving nibs (dip pens) and also the proper care and use of pen & ink supplies. I’m really looking forward to this class as I think it will be fantastically fun and informative for all involved. Check out the class description and sign up HERE!

Let's DRAW!

Let’s DRAW!

Next Class up is a GRAPHIC NOVELS course for kids that will be beginning on Feb. 6th! This is a part of the awesome Youth Art Blocks program, a series of fantastic classes by many instructors who specialize in many different media. This course will focus specifically on the story-telling components needed to create great comics and will show students in grades 4 through 6 how to create terrific visual narrative utilizing their own ideas for stories as well as classic tropes! No experience is necessary! Get more information and sign up HERE! Tell your friends!

Graphic Novel Flier Pic




FINALLY, I would like to thank all the kind and amazing people who have been giving me positive feedback on the changes I’ve been making to the blog. I truly hope to allow this website to be a window into my artistic world :)

Thanks so much for reading! If you live in the Carrboro area I would love to see you at one of my classes, either those featured here or some in the future. Have a great day!

Teaching a new MEDITATION & NARRATIVE ART Class!

Sign up HERE!

Here’s some info!

RioMedFlierWebJuly13At The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC! BE THERE!



In case you haven’t been following my Twitter account, I will be teaching a brand new class, starting this Saturday: MEDITATION AND NARRATIVE & SEQUENTIAL ART. If you live in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, check out the flier below, and SIGN UP HERE.


Check out the Press Releases for this and my upcoming comics class for kids HERE.