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Hi all! I’ll be showing some of my latest non-comics related work on Dec. 19th at Golden Belt Arts in Durham, and I would love for you all to come and join me! Just in time for the Holiday Season I’ve created a series of large drawings (approximately 4 ft x 2.5 ft) of Mayan/Space themed images, all of which are PRICED TO SELL ($99 each). This is a drastic reduction from my normal pricings, so DON’T miss it! I’ll also have at least a few drawings at about half the size (for half the price), as well as some older paintings from the past two years. All the drawings are done with ink, enamel, color pencil, and acrylic on durable blue-print paper and are the perfect gift for the lover of art in you life. Not interested in buying art, but want to soak in the vibes? COME HANG!

Also exhibiting will be the talented Brianna Gribben and the totally awesome Cody Platt. This is the last show at Golden Belt for the year and, judging from the immense skills of the exhibiting artists, will prove to be the best. DO NOT MISS THIS!

WHO: Yours Truly and a host of others ;)

WHEN: December 19th, 2014

WHERE: Golden Belt Arts 807 E Main St, Durham, North Carolina 27701

4 ft by 2 ft drawing: $99 - A DEAL!

4 ft by 2 ft drawing: $99 – A DEAL!

4 ft by 2 ft drawing: $99 - A STEAL!

4 ft by 2 ft drawing: $99 – A STEAL!


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