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Hi all! I’ll be working on a brand new project (a GIANT SIZED BOOK!) with the very talented book artist, Josh Hockensmith (of Blue Bluer Books) and we NEED YOUR INPUT in order to put it together! The book will feature a character called MR. MIRACLES who has the power to change the world! We will base the project off of input submitted to us by YOU! 

So please tell us:


  • What can Mr. Miracles do? 

  • Who are his friends, supporters, and antagonists? 
  • What are the titles of some of his most famous adventures, achievements, or parables? 



    Image copyright Josh Hockensmith.

    You can leave your answers in the comments of this post, or email them to us at mistermiraclesproject at gmail dot com. The finished book will be exhibited in December at the awesome Carrack Gallery in Durham, NC. Thanks!



One response

  1. Mr. Miracles does his best to catch the most obstinate of non-dreamers and whisk them away from their dead sleep…the kind of sleep that pervades days as daymares and steals away chances for finding oneself walking along a path of beauty and truth. Thereafter, each “fish” finds his or herself dramatically and often traumatically, awakened…an unpleasant, but necessary realization incurred by a means which shall be explicitly described later.

    So, how does he do it? He uses the most alluringly scented vine-growing flowers and their corresponding parts to produce a fisherman’s line cascading from his whittled fishing pole, baited with naught but the powerful essence of beauty, contained inside of a skunk’s anal gland (to quickly permeate the lucky, unsuspecting victims), wrapped within a burrito (quite the delicious disguise for trickery), and masterfully concocted to a delightful finish in the comfort of his own laboratory. He rides his bicycle along at night, seeking his catch and shape-shifting in those hard-to-fit spaces. Nothing can stop the grandiose heart and creative aptitude of Mr. Miracles. Plus, everybody loves burritos. Even when they are asleep.

    July 28, 2013 at 7:52 pm

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