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Introducing my new magazine: JETTY!

Hi everybody! Today is a very special day, in that it marks the one year anniversary of this very sketch-blog! Yes, exactly one year ago I went public with this website and began posting my art every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I really hope you’ve been enjoying my humble sketches and I hope to bring you many more art projects for many years to come :)

Okay! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion (and also because it’s my birthday), I’m introducing the first issue of my brand new magazine: JETTY!

I know I gave a sneak-peek at this a couple months ago, but now it’s all ready to be released and I’m very excited!

About the project: I’m intending JETTY to be somewhat of an arts and literary magazine with a major focus on sequential art and abstract comics. Right now it’s just me, but I hope to include other contributers for art, articles, interviews, and much more!

JETTY #1 contains five sequential art (comics) pieces done in much the same style as the art you’ve come to know here, only AMPED UP (I am very excited about this)! Here’s some preview shots: 














































Right now JETTY is only available here at LIGHTRIOT.COM, but I hope to have a digital version up and running soon so you can check it out on your iPad, Kindle, etc. You can click below to order a copy, or check out the store!


7 1/2″ x 10″ color covers, b/w interior

$5.00 shipping included



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